2 months ago we started a transformation into Agile approach in Scrum methodology with our projects and clients. Additionally we are moving clients to Time & Material.

“The main reason for us to implement a new agile approach for the projects and in communication with our clients is to increase effectiveness of projects progress and decrease cost negotiations along the process” says Paweł Biliński UX & Usability Manager in Lizard Media. “The effects are visible already and our clients respond to the new quality very well engaging into decision making process during development phase. It’s been crucial and it’s working” say Paweł Biliński.

Agile approach cuts cost and time mainly because our clients are cooperating closely and take decisions during development of the project. It means that there is no surprise at the end of the development and all the changes are already there.


Some of our clients prefer Fixed Price rather than Time & Material because their budgets don’t allow for flexibility in IT solutions, some of them however are just used to buying ready made products and don’t know how to negotiate price on something without a price tag.

Whatever the reason we try to communicate the change of our approach and convince the client that it’s about effectiveness of project progress, price and time. Clients involvement is critical for the success of the change.