In cooperation with our partner Coderion, we implemented a complete factoring solution for IdeaMoney, a subsidiary of IdeaBank.

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“As an official partner of Coderion we’ve undertaken all the tasks connected with front-office for The key element was functional concept, UX strategy and verifications during consumer tests. I would like to complement IdeaMoney for their engagement in users tests which were done in their facilities and with their factoring clients. Such engagement creates environment for a precise evaluation of user experience and increases quality of the end product. The second part of the project was delivery of mobile version of the application. It has been thoroughly tested in our Mobile Test Lab which comprise of a number of physical devices on various systems, versions, dimensions and resolutions” say Paweł Biliński, UX manager in Lizard Media.

Thanks to an effective collaboration among IdeaMoney, Coderion and Lizard Media customers can use ergonomic service giving them easy access to their factoring features.


“Development of IdeaFaktor24 project complements previous implementation of Coderion, which created a dedicated transaction system supporting factoring processes. Thanks to the collaboration of Coderion and Lizard Media there is a comprehensive solution for Factors including Back-Office and eFront-Office. Complementarity of the solutions results in higher effectiveness of factoring office workers as well as customer care with regard to IdeaFaktor24″ says Marek Talik, president of Coderion. 

Lizard Media was responsible for: 

  • UX strategy
  • due diligence
  • interactive prototypes
  • usability tests in Clients Headquarters according to Rita methodology
  • graphic projects
  • implementation of HTML5/CSS
  • deployment of mobile version with test on physical devices in the Test Lab
  • SLA support model

“IdeaMoney’s objective was to create innovative platform financing current operations for our Customers. Together with Lizard Media and Coderion we have created the most innovative tool for companies that use factoring. Now they can influence their cash-flow 24/7 anywhere they are in the world. One of the ideas of the project was engaging real clients in the process of creating IdeaFaktor24 platform – because of this we can claim that IdeaFaktor24 fulfill the most advanced needs of our clients” says Piotr Rogoziński, Projects and Marketing Manager in IdeaMoney S.A.

“Lizard Media, thanks to their knowledge and experience in UX supported us in creating concepts of application, creating mokups of the system and deploying front-office operations for IdeaMoney Clients. IdeaFaktor24 constantly evolves. We plan within next few months to start new features and functionalities for example a module for legal aspects of Clients relations which will be very helpful to many companies in their daily operations” says Rogoziński.

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Idea Money started in 2012. The company specialize in factoring, financial monitoring and loan collection. It helps clients to manage their receivables and avoid dengers that are connected with payments’ obstructions. Idea Money creates new access channels to their products through Internet and mobile applications and services. It created first factoring on mobile application – IdeaFaktor24. It’s also a company that grows dynamically – between 2012 and 2013 the number of clients increased 12 times.